Founded in 2003 by owner Kenny Ballew, our company has grown into one of the Southeast’s leading servicers of industrial boilers and burners.

From tune-ups to repairs to full-blown replacements, our staff of technicians and mechanics provide service that is second to none.


Make sure you’ll pass your annual boiler inspection.

Combustion Services can help to ensure that you pass your annual boiler inspection. Call us today to set up a time to come open up your vessel, perform a tune-up, do a Combustion Analysis, and clean up any issues we find. Learn more about Boiler Inspection Services from Combustion Services!


+  Looking for a Boiler Partner?

Combustion Services is looking for partnership opportunities with HVAC companies who could use a relationship with a leading boiler expert. Our R-Stamp certifications and our 20 years in the industry means we can handle it all. Contact us today to explore the benefits of partnering with CSI!