An efficient and reliable steam and hot water system not only requires a well-performing boiler but other auxiliary equipment.  Combustion Services, Inc. is able to install, commission, and service deaerators, feedwater tanks, condensate receivers, pumps, and much more.

Combustion Services Inc. is a representative for Cain Industries Heat Recovery Systems ( Up to 25 percent of energy-saving opportunities in a steam or thermal heating system involves capturing heat in the exhaust gas and using it to heat water or other fluids. For instance, a Cain economizer was installed on a 55,000 lbs/hr steam boiler. The return-on-investment (ROI) was 5.6 months and, with a 20-year warranty, the projected fuel savings with the economizer is $1.9 million. While fuel savings vary depending on fuel cost and exhaust gas temperature and volume, in most cases the ROI for an economizer is less than 2 years. Call us to review the exhaust gas from your steam/thermal heating applications, and we can provide a free, detailed estimate of fuel savings that may be gained at your facility using an economizer or other heat-recovery technology.