Boiler Replacement Services

Is your commercial or industrial boiler starting to act up?

If you’re having to call for service constantly, it’s probably time to start planning for a new one. Particularly in a manufacturing setting, the boiler is the driver of all operations. If it fails, that can mean weeks of production lost!

While Combustion Services is happy to help get your operations up and running again by sourcing and installing a rental boiler, we’d rather help you avoid even that much downtime by getting you a replacement boiler installed on your schedule.

Victory Energy Firetube Boilers

Combustion Services, Inc. is the authorized representative for Victory Energy firetube boilers in South Carolina and lower North Carolina.

Compared to other boiler lines, Victory Energy’s wetback and dryback boilers come with unique features such as extra-thick tubesheets, serrated tube holes, enhanced door access, and some of the highest boiler efficiencies on the market.

We know replacing an industrial boiler is a good-sized capital expenditure, and it can be tempting to put it off to next year—every year.

Don’t wait until your old boiler fails completely to line up a new one. Let the experts at Combustion Services fit you with a new, high-efficiency boiler to power your operations for years to come. Call us today at (864) 269-2848 and let’s schedule a time to get you a quote.